Daniel Saddi: The top thing a recruiter needs in their toolkit to succeed

Daniel is a Manager of Contract R&D/Engineering at Redline Group.

He shares what a recruiter needs to keep in mind to be successful.


What’s the top thing a great recruiter needs in their toolkit to succeed?

“Having met with Redline’s Talent Acquisition Manager this morning to discuss the ‘key attributes’ individuals require for the next phase of Redline’s growth, this question is fresh in my mind.

I find that most managers look for “experienced” recruiters because of their immediate knowledge to do the job. I tend to seek out a motivated attitude, intrinsic desire and true intent to succeed.

You can teach anyone how to recruit (almost!), but it’s impossible to teach them to be a consistent optimist, to get in early or stay late to fulfil that promise you made. Once you have that mind-set, you are well positioned to learn that which gives others the perception you are “experienced”.

What I’m trying to describe is simply defined by Robin Fielder as SKILL and WILL. In order to be an effective recruiter you need to have a good mix of both. The SKILL to organise yourself in a highly complex multifaceted role, know what to say and when to say it and the WILL to put in the hard yards and get back up when it all goes wrong.

So whether it’s your first day in recruitment or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll probably realise that the people you find inspiration from balance aptitude and attitude with ease.”

What’s your top thing a great recruiter needs in their toolkit to succeed? Let us know in the comments below!

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