February’s top CertRP student

Lucy is a consultant at Meridian Business Support, and was the top student in February’s Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice (CertRP) exam. We asked Lucy how she found the qualification.



Congratulations on being top student in February’s Level 3 CertRP exam! How does it feel?

I’m still in shock, to be honest. After the exam I wasn’t to sure how I’d done and I thought I hadn’t passed, so it was a great relief.

How did you find taking the Level 3 CertRP Fast Track course?

When the book came through, I was in utter shock by the size of it. When you’re in recruitment, you think you have a good idea of what’s going on. I found it a lot harder than I thought and there was a lot of material to learn outside the day-to-day world of recruitment. It forced me to think about the bigger picture and how that related to recruitment. It’s been really helpful for me for speaking to clients – you can talk confidently about external factors in the economy and labour market that will affect them.

Would you recommend the Level 3 CertRP to everyone?

Yes, I would. It teaches you the correct processes, and it helps you become more consultative, have a better business acumen and think about the wider market.

What do you love about recruitment?

I don’t think there are many other jobs that have the variation recruitment offers. Thee are always new situations, new roles and new companies to learn about. When you’re working with people, you’re always encountering something new and exciting. Recruitment keeps you on your toes.

What would you tell yourself on your first day?

You have good days and bad days, but the job’s about thinking ahead and knowing you’ll have more good days than bad. There will always be those nice moments where you feel like you’ve made a difference.

Could you be a top student like Lucy? There’s still time to enrol onto the next Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice distance learning course.

Find out more about all our qualifications here.

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