Why Red Berry Recruitment became IRP Advocates

IRP Advocacy is a commitment to staff to support their career development by signing them up for individual membership of the IRP. It shows the Advocate is dedicated to the industry as a whole, and assures candidates and clients they adhere to the highest codes of practice.

We asked Helen Lacey, Managing Director of Red Berry Recruitment, why they became IRP Advocates, and why they think it’s important for their business.

Why did you become an IRP Advocate?

We believe passionately in good recruitment principles. We believe all candidates, clients and colleagues should be treated with respect, so much so, we have what we call the 10 Berry Commandments which all staff sign in their handbooks and aim to follow as much as possible.

Why do you think it’s important that your staff are IRP members?

It demonstrates commitment to Red Berry, the industry and themselves. Being an IRP member shows, I feel, their commitment in being a recruiter, it’s a career path not just a job.

What’s the biggest business benefit you’ve seen from becoming an IRP Advocate?

The respect given by other recruiters. It still takes time for businesses to see the benefits of a recruitment business being members. However, for other professional recruiters they can see the hard work and dedication that oneself and one’s company puts into the recruitment industry.

Would you recommend IRP Advocacy to other companies?

I would most certainly recommend IRP Advocacy to other companies. As recruitment is all about people, I feel it gives us the edge knowing we are a reputable, professional recruitment agency who care about their team. So, why wouldn’t a company want to show the same commitment? [IRP Advocacy] is a great way of doing this.

Want to learn more about what IRP Advocacy involves? Head to our website to learn more, and don’t forget to share this blog on your social media channels.

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