Get reading! The best books for recruiters

One of the best things about summer holidays – besides being off work – is having the chance to catch up on reading. Take a look at our shortlist of the books you need to pack along with your sun cream and sunnies this summer.

LLean In bookean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead – Sheryl Sandberg

Being a woman in recruitment can be difficult, and while progress has been made and more women are rising through the ranks the industry is still seen as a “man’s world”. Through Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg explores the challenges and issues facing women at work through a mix of personal experience, anecdotes, and compelling research. This book is ideal for any woman looking to bridge the gap between where they are, and where they want to be professionally.



how to be fcking awesome book.png

How To Be F*cking Awesome – Dan Meredith

Obviously, you more or less have this down to a fine art. However, if you’re looking to crank your professional and personal life up to the next level this book is a must!  Revealing why some people always get ahead, win big business, make a difference, and are able to connect with and influence others, Dan Meredith lays down 11 principles to live by if you want to transform your life from good to f*cking awesome.



Blink book

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking – Malcolm Gladwell

Believe considered decisions are better than those made in seconds? Malcolm Gladwell probably wouldn’t agree with you. This fascinating book reveals how through honing your instincts and trusting your intuition you can change the way you think forever – with powerful results. Featuring a mix of stories, scientific findings and psychological tests, this book is guaranteed to revolutionise how you think.



outliners book

Headhunters – Jo Nesbø

Delve into dark side of corporate headhunter Roger Brown’s life in this grizzly novel – ideal for any Tarantino fans. Roger might have found the perfect candidate for the major CEO role he’s working on – promising one hell of a commission that his lavish lifestyle relies on – but rather than bringing the professional celebration you might expect, Roger’s discovery does nothing but damage.

If you’re looking for the ultimate page-turner, you’ve met your perfect match.


outliers book

Outliers: The Story of Success – Malcolm Gladwell

Can you tell we’re Malcolm Gladwell fans? Success and how it’s achieved is the theme of Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success. Breaking down the assumptions that intelligence and ambition are the core attributes to personal and professional success, this book explore the impact of family, birthplace and birth date on people’s success.

Provocative and head-spinning, Outliers will change the way you perceive and identify success.



social media recruitment book

Social Media Recruitment – Andy Headworth

Andy Headworth has been one of the foremost thought leaders within the recruitment industry for the last 25 years, so we’re going to assume Social Media Recruitment is more than a must read for any recruiter looking to harness social media in a professional capacity.

This book tackles the minefield that can be social recruiting, using practical guides, case studies and insights from leading industry figures to reveal how integrating social media into your day-to-day professional activities can revolutionise how and you attract top talent.


From small print to big screen
If you’re more of a movie fan than bookworm, why not check out our ‘films for recruiters‘ blog and discover your industry on screen.

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