Why I’m studying for the Level 5 Diploma – Amber Whalley

Amber Whalley is the director of operations at Human One. She lets us in on why she’s studying for the Level 5 Diploma in Recruitment Leadership, and shares how it’s already shaping how she does her role.

Amber-Whalley Level 5

Why did you choose the Level 5 Diploma in Recruitment Leadership?

I went from doing a recruitment type role to an operational role. After two years of learning on the job, I received an email from the REC about the Level 5 Diploma in Recruitment Leadership. I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to summarise and grow upon everything I’ve learned in the role so far.

How will the Level 5 help shape your career?

We are changing all our processes and procedures next month, so I know I will use what I’ve learned in the Level 5 there. My pet project is to take what we’re doing and make things better and smarter. I have to take into account the risks and benefits that will take places during such a big change.

Risk and strategic planning will be fundamental and I know that I can put the Level 5’s modules into practice.

What modules have you found most useful?

What we do is never defined by recruitment as a specialism, but by the industry we work with as a whole. There’s a module in the Level 5 that covers the effects of internal and external factors on a business – I found that really useful. It brings to light things you wouldn’t think affected you, but they all do.

Would you recommend the Level 5?

From personal experience, the Level 5 has been fundamental to how I work daily and how I will work in future. For an operational role, it’s a step-by-step guide about how to survive.

I really don’t think there’s anything else the course could cover – everything you need is there.

Are you considering joining Amber as a Level 5 Diploma student? 

Learn more about our newest qualification and start your learning journey.

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