11 things everyone shortlisted for an award will understand

The 2017 IRP Awards shortlist is out! (Find it here if you missed it)

So what does it feel like to be shortlisted for an IRP Award?

You worked so hard on your entry, got your submission in and then you hear the news – you’ve made the shortlist for the most prestigious award ceremony in recruitment. We take you through the emotions you may be feeling..!

When you’re waiting for the announcement


That moment of disbelief

don't believe you

No seriously – I made the shortlist?!

Gollum confused gif

I made the shortlist!

Sloth gif

You tell all your colleagues


Because they know how hard you worked on your entry

Group hug gif

You share it with all your friends


You shout about it on all your social media channels

chris pratt

When you get home you have a little dance party on your own

dance brad pitt

You rush to buy your table for the evening

Bilbo adventure

You sit back and realise it was all worth it


Congratulation to everyone who made the shortlist and thank you to all who entered. It was a very competitive year so you should be very proud.

Make sure you book your table for the big night on 6 December now.

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