A day in the life of a recruiter – Jordan Wood

Jordan Wood a day in the life of a recruiter

Jordan Wood is a contract consultant in the R&D/Engineering division at Redline Group. We asked Jordan what a typical day looks like for him.

My alarm goes off at…

At 5.30 on the dot, I wake up, look at my emails and reply if need be. I then take the dog for a brisk walk, get ready in my gym gear and get the train to the gym in central Luton. After a workout I get the bus to work in North Luton, which gives me some reading time and arrive at work for around about 8am.

I’m responsible for…

Sourcing the best contract candidates in the Engineering and R&D sector for our UK & mainland European customer base. I’m one of the top achievers at work as well as being in charge of ‘all food related tasks in my household – cooking, food shopping and bill paying.

I got the job…

I got introduced to the job through a family friend. There was a rigorous interview processes due to the MD knowing me (we literally live on the same road currently!)

My typical day…

Business calls first, candidate sourcing second, but I am always flexible, so I never have a day that is ever the same. Throw in some contract team banter and a healthy snack along the way…

My most memorable work moment…

My first sales conference in Morzine, France for a ski trip. It was my first time skiing and I was dreadful! The influential part was being surrounded by Redline’s top achievers so early in my career, whilst getting to understand the permanent business model in more detail.

The worst part of my job…

Having to give people bad news, I do it early in the morning so it does not affect the rest of my day or it looms over you like a dark cloud.

The best part of my job…

The feeling you get when you speak to a candidate who has been out of work for a very long time. You get a genuine feeling of satisfaction that you have actually made a difference to their life, not just got them a job.

I love recruitment because…

It’s an industry where you are rewarded for your efforts. You are continuously incentivised to work as hard as possible. Every day is different, which keeps it exciting.

My most challenging placement…

We had a client seeking five specialist RF/Microwave Design Engineers to work with the space industry. These types of special engineering contractors are extremely hard to find! I ended up placing four out of the five contractors with the other found via an internal client contact. Due to my success on this business critical project, I now work exclusively with the client.

My biggest candidate success story…

I had a candidate who had been unemployed for over 7 years due to grieving the loss of their partner. The candidate lacked confidence at the time, and I was able to reassure the candidate of their skills and abilities and encouraged them to feel more positive about the interview process. At the same time I had to ensure the client was reassured that the candidate was now ready to work. I managed to secure the candidate with back to back contacts with several different companies due to the power of persuasion, client rapport and trust developed throughout my communications.

After work…

I leave work around 6.30-7pm, go home with my partner and take over the kitchen as no one else can be trusted to cook! I am currently looking at all shades, fabrics, and other interior design as we move into our first house.

My Plan B:

To be a professional Lacrosse player, there is nowhere else I would rather be.

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