Chloe Callery – Why the CertRP was for me

Chloe is a consultant at Stafffinders and recently completed her Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice (CertRP). We asked Chloe to share her experience of the qualification.


How did you get into recruitment?

I’ve been working in recruitment for two and a half years now with award -winning agency Stafffinders, but I’ve always been around the industry as my gran owned her own recruitment business. My gran also worked with Stafffinders in the 1970s in her earlier career, so there is a very sentimental feeling working for the company she had worked for too.

Why did you take the Level 3 CertRP?

I completed the CertRP as I’ve always been keen to learn as much as I can. I’ve always been inspired by my gran and I’m keen to climb the ladder within my recruitment career. I wanted to put my practical recruitment knowledge to the test, consolidate my learning and development and grow as a recruiter.

What aspect of the qualification did you enjoy most?

I thoroughly enjoyed the sales section of the CertRP course, primarily as this is my strength and where my career began. It focuses on the sales cycle in recruitment, different selling techniques and identifying various types of buyers. These are all elements you can put into practice straight away.

Legal and Ethical considerations is another area of interest for me as this is a fundamental part of recruitment – in fact, that’s where most of the marks are allocated within the CertRP exam. It ensures you are fully compliant with current legislation and I regularly find myself referring to the book.

Would you recommend the Cert RP?

Without a doubt. The CertRP is such a great tool to have when you’re working within the industry. Recruitment isn’t static and the qualification keeps you up to date on everything. The support doesn’t stop once the exam is over and you can continue to access advice and support from the IRP and through your study coach.

Find out more about how you can enrol for the last CertRP course for 2017 now.

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